Our History

SGL ENG Ltd was founded by George S. Leloudas and Spyros G. Leloudas in 2008, both having a long-year Marine and Industrial experience. 

George S. Leloudas is an Electrical Engineer and had a 35-year long career in the Hellenic Shipyards in various positions, including Yard Manager, Electronics and Weapons Manager and New Building Manager. He was also a Technical Advisor in Elefsis Shipyards for eight (8) years. 

Spyros G. Leloudas is a Mechanical Engineer and amongst others is an expert in Marine and Industrial measurements. 

His experience was gained during the 16 years of working as Head of Mechanical Department of Weapons & Electronic Systems in the Hellenic Shipyards of Skaramanga, during which he was responsible for the alignment of the ship sections during erection, as well as for the assembly, installation, alignment Setting to Work and Sea Trials of the weapon systems of three (3) HN Frigates and eight (8) HN Gun Boats. 

As a Supervisor Engineer in Elefsis and Neorion Shipyards he was responsible for the electronic systems including alarm systems, propulsion automation, navigation systems, and internal communication and entertainments systems during the construction of two Mega–Yachts. 

He was co-founder and C.E.O. of METRICA as well as responsible for the Measurement of Environment, Marine, Industry and Geodesy. He departed from METRICA in 2008 and he founded, with George S. Leloudas, their new company SGL ENG Ltd.