3D Scanning Technology of any construction including Generation of 3D Primitive Solid Drawings

• In Cooperation with our associates the Primitive Solid Drawings are transformed to 3D Intelligent Model, incorporating most or all the information 
  required for Reverse Engineering, such as Material, Specifications & Standards, Technical and Operational Documentation, Operational Characteristics 
  (pressure, temperature etc), Maintenance Instructions.
• Laser Scanning of Monuments, Churches and Old Buildings and generation of 3D drawings.
• Laser Scanning of Ship Engine Rooms and Interiors and Generation of accurate drawings for 
  replacement of Main Engines or the prefabrication of divisions and complete room interiors.
• 3D Scanning of damaged Ship Hull and production of accurate drawings for their repairs.

Ship New Building and Ship Repairs

• Alignment Measurements of New Building Ship Sections during erection.
• Structure Alignment and Deformation Measurements (Hogging, Sagging and Twisting).
• Main Engine, Auxiliary Machinery, Propulsion Shaft, V Bracket and Rudder Alignment Measurements.
• Sound level measurements in Ship Spaces as well as Vibration Analysis. 
• Alignment of Weapon Systems and their foundations.

Industrial Measurements

• Crane and Overhead Crane Structure Alignment Measurements.
• Equipment and Heavy Machinery Alignment Measurements.
• Wind Generators Alignment.

• Gyroscopic Azimuth measurements for tunnel construction, with accuracy of 1mgon